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The meaning of the Acronym DTS is...

DTS is

  • Direct Toplevel Search
  • Decision Trees Similar
  • Dynamic Type System
  • Dynamic Theater Sound
  • Digital Tourettes Syndrome
  • Dan Tom And Shawn
  • Digital Theater Surround
  • Digital Theater Sysytem
  • Do To Selection
  • Diseases Transmitted Sexually
  • Digital Theatre Surround
  • Die To Self
  • Dynamic Turbocharger Services
  • Dj Trix Studio

More Meanings For DTS:

  • Digital Tuning System
  • Digital Time System
  • Distributed Temperature Sensing
  • Dynamix Three Space
  • Distributed Temperature Sensing
  • Dock To Stock
  • Den Trinity Shop
  • Daily Transaction Statements
  • Do They Ship
  • Data Transformation Service
  • Drive Train Specialists
  • Don't Talk Software
  • Discipleship Training School
  • Determined To Succeed
  • Digital Theater System

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